Java Form Tool Kit [jFormTK] Overview

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The Java "Form Tool Kit" package is designed to produce "Custom" Form Centric Java stand alone applications without any knowledge of the Java programming language. The 'jFormTK' application developer shall design a "Collection" of data entry forms. The data entered by the 'jFormTK' application end user shall then be used to produce a set of "Reports.

For example, the first "Form Centric" Application to be produced by Professional Computer Solutions shall be the Survivors List PLUS [SLPlus] Application. SLPlus shall have a set of data entry forms designed to document the information required by the registered users support team when processing the registered users estate.

The 'form" and "report" control parameters are all Java String variables that shall be entered via a "Script" file designed to build the "Custom" 'jFormTK' Form Centric Application. There shall be a Java stand alone application designed to produce the script files [jFormTK_Builder] for a visual Man Machine Interface [MMI]

The following links document the 'jFormTK' Frame Work and it's usages:

Table of Contents
JavaDoc [No Return, Use new Browser TAB]
Getting Started
Framework Summary
jFormTK Container Classes [Data Bases]
Look & Feel Class
Dynamic Referencing
Flow Control
About the 'JFormField', the com.jFormTK "nucleus"
Method Overrides: pre/post Processor &"action" Buttons
Form State Processing
Work Sheets Design and Usage
Address Book
Run-Time Processing
Client / Server System
Report Writer

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