'jFormTK' WorkSheet Processing:

This document is designed to describe the 'jFormTK' processing for the 'WorkSheet' Class [JWorkSheet].

Design Goal:

There SHALL be a 'JWorkSheet' instance hosted by each 'jFormTK' Application Form [appForm]. The Work Sheet is designed to identify each field of the 'appForm'. This 'jFormTK' class contains field Names and Group Names, End User Prompts and Hints annotations if the exist. These parameters are required to build a Work Sheet print out designed to assist the Application End User to get their Data Entry information together. The Name / Group parameters are used to identify and verify the accepted fields of the 'appForm' if the Form has No Data Entry.

formState.gif (7229 bytes)


As the 'jFormTK' Application is initialized the 'appForms' Class is loaded with an instance of each 'jFormForm' Sub-Class [appForm]. Each 'appForm' SHALL instance the 'JWorkSheet' Class as follows:

The 'JWorkSheet' instance is not loaded from the specified data source at this time because the usage of the 'JWorkSheet" parameters is limited. Design wise, at this point, it is prudent to load the respective 'JWorkSheet' instances if and only if there is a request for the data by the 'jFormTK' Application End User. Once a 'JWorkSheet" instance is loaded, the mode is set to "Loaded".

Deployment Note:

As described above the 'WorkSheets' Folder contains a work sheet file for each Application Form during the 'jFormTK' "Development" Phase. The 'jFormTK' Kernel SHALL dynamically update these files each time a change is made to the associated Application .java file.

Distributed with the Professional Computer Solutions 'jFormTK' SHALL be a platform specific process designed to create the "xxxWorksSheets.jar" file. Please note that this process must be executed each time an Application deployment file set is created if there has been any changes to any Application Forms.